The Gentleman

The gentleman walks into a room without asking for attention,
but he gets it anyway. Everyone sees that
he is dressed the part.
Those who look closer, notice his bearing.
He carries himself with a quiet confidence.
The kind that says, I know who I am.
And I know that I belong here.
He respects, and earns the respect of all:
women and men, those of high station or low.
He treats them all as equals.

The women he has fancied all remember him.
He is gentle with their emotions,
but strong in their defense when the situation requires.
Tender, but unquestionably masculine.
Every man she meets will be judged based
on the high standards he set for himself.

When he leaves, people talk about him;
How he can converse on a broad range of subjects
without putting on airs, without showing off.
They talk about how he puts others at ease.
Ladies want his attention. Men want to be him.


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