Dune: a book review

I enjoy science fiction stories. I’ll read in any genre. But science fiction challenges me in a way most other types of books don’t. The detailed world-building, and odd people and place names require my reading progress to be tortoise-like. Focusing on slow reading, and sometimes going back over certain parts again to make sure I understand what happened, is the only way I can understand and appreciate the story the author is trying to tell.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to read the seminal works of science fiction that I had not read yet. There stood Dune– the ground-breaking five hundred page book that I had picked up once or twice over the years. My brother is my source on almost all things sci-fi/fantasy. And it was his copy I had borrowed once, maybe twice, over the years. This time would be different, I told myself. This time I would keep going when I felt overwhelmed by everything that makes the story great: the mythology, the number of major and minor characters, the implicit meanings behind actions and words.

And I finished it. It will surely be one of my biggest reading accomplishments of the year, likely multiple years. I’m glad I stuck with it. Herberts’ brilliant mind conceived a world of politics, religion, and ecology. Plenty of adventure, mystery, and emotion. But there are also unanswered questions: some will be answered later in the series, and I’m sure some will not.

What about you? Have you read Dune? If so, what did you think about it? What have you enjoyed reading lately? Thanks for checking out this review.


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