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A while ago, my dear friend Tosha asked me if I might want to host a podcast with her about books and writing. She and I are always reading, writing, and talking about those subjects. One of the things I miss most about not working in a bookstore is the chance to talk about books and writing with lots of different people. And Tosha and I both know lots of cool creative types. Tosha wrote about it here, and I reblogged it. But I thought this was a good time for a reminder. πŸ™‚

A part of me was scared of the idea, though. Being an introvert, I am much more comfortable sitting back and listening while letting others do all the talking. But, truth be told, I couldn’t turn down the chance to team up with my friend and do this. We consider this our way of helping the writers, bloggers, and publishers we know get more attention. We had our first show last night with best-selling author Mara Purl as our first guest. And it was so much fun. I look forward to many interesting conversations in the future. We hope you will join us! Below are links to our page on Blog Talk Radio, where you will be able to listen to any of our shows, and our Facebook page. We would love for you to take a look as you have the chance.


12 thoughts on “La Literati

    • Thanks very much, Rachel. It’s very satisfying to be able to spread the word about the creative people I know. Maybe we could talk to you sometime πŸ™‚

  1. Niles, you did a stellar job. It good for us introverts to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. I’m so happy to have you as my La Literati partner in crime. x

    • We are alike in so many ways, but you have inspired me to push my limits and grow in so many ways throughout the course of our friendship. For that and for inviting me to start La Literati with you, I say thanks, Tosha. x

  2. I so enjoyed the show last night, Jim. You and Tosha were the consummate hosts, letting your guest shine while at the same time gently steering and encouraging the flow of the conversation. Many interesting, thoughtful points. Off the top of my head, I appreciated the references to Joseph Campbell (love him!) and agree that letters can be a powerful form for a book to take (I immediately thought of The Color Purple). Thanks to you both, and extra thanks to Tosha for convincing you to go forward with this. Can’t wait for future shows! Please keep them coming. xxoo

    • Thank you very much, Terry. Conversations like these are just wonderful. It went better than I could have expected. We have lots of talented and wonderful people lined up to talk with us. Maybe you could call in sometime and talk to us, yourself πŸ˜‰

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