The Lover/ The Fighter

To be a lover; a gentleman
Like one in a Fitzgerald tragedy
Chasing amor ideal
Striving to master his domestic domain
To live the good life; to eat, drink, and be merry
Three piece suits and a classical music score
Filling his mind with the best of literature

To be a fighter; an adventurer
Like one in a Hemingway tale
Drunk on spirits and constant action
No time to waste sitting, thinking
Searching for the next grand chapter to his story
To dare, and attempt the daring
To feel the rush of adrenaline once more

Two masculine polarities, each with its own merits
With qualities worth aspiring to
But somewhere in the middle, I believe
Is where life’s magic lies


Artwork by my friend, Tosha Michelle, and used by permisson.

23 thoughts on “The Lover/ The Fighter

  1. I was deciding between Hemingway and Fitzgerald while reading your poem, and then I read that bit about where the magic happens πŸ™‚ So I won’t be choosing either because I believe in magic. Lovely poem. It’s a coincidence that I wrote something related to Hemingway today. Ehem! I think I’d still choose Hemingway…adventure, drunk on spirits, rush of adrenaline.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve loved Hemingway for a long time. But I’ve recently gained a greater appreciation for Fitzgerald’s writing.

  2. Lovely write James. I agree that the middle way has something special about it πŸ™‚

  3. Very nice. Middle ground has always had it’s advantages, the world around, & does seem a little more complete of character. Even more realistic, in a greater educated sence.
    It’s easy to see why Tosha, among your other good friends think so highly of you.

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