The subject of memory is fascinating to me. People have so many different methods and tactics to help them remember things they want to recall later. Some people have photographic memories. Others remember numbers and figures. Still others can recall names and faces easier than most. I belong to this last category. So many people over the years have thought it unsettling that I remember them, while they have no idea who I am. I suppose, in choosing academics as my career, that I shouldn’t be surprised by my interest in memory.

Another thing I have noticed is that I tend to remember everything: classmates from school, former coworkers, even insignificant events from childhood. One of my earliest memories is sitting in my driveway at about three years old watching my dad drive off for a trip around the block on his Harley Davidson Sprint. He seems to think that I shouldn’t have been old enough to remember his motorcycle running, but it’s there in my mind.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why I have such a hard time remembering driving directions. My mind is so full of everthing else, there isn’t room left for that. In any case, I’d love to hear your thoughts- earliest memory, the kinds of things you remember best, or have the hardest time remembering?