Music has been a big part of my life since I can remember. Several of my aunts and uncles can play an instrument or sing; and a few are music/vocal teachers. My mom and brother play the piano very well. I can play “Fur Elise” by Beethoven in my head because I heard my brother play it so much. As for playing it myself, that doesn’t go very well. I know very elementary piano and a few guitar chords, but I don’t play well at all. I love tambourines, shakers, eggs and percussion instruments in that family. Somewhere along the way I picked up decent rhythm and a good ear for music. In other words, as I listen I can tell if the player’s timing is on or not. And I can generally tell when somebody plays a bad note.

Music was always played around the house and in the car as I grew up. Everything from gospel to country, rock to pop, old and new was fair game. That had a big influence on me as I enjoy many different styles. Also, it seems the artists I enjoy most blend different styles together: Norah Jones, The Beatles, The Eagles, Dave Matthews Band, etc.

One genre that I seem to have acquired a taste for somewhat independently is orchestral/classical music. I love the way those pieces tell a story- even with just the music and no vocal component. Listening to a symphony moves me in a way that few other experiences can. I got a chance to hear my local symphony play this past weekend and was reminded of this. If I chose to I could have sat there for the entire concert with eyes closed, taking in the music. I didn’t want to for several reasons. For one, the conductor has such a dynamic personality that comes out in his conducting. And also, I figured the people around me would think I had nodded off if they saw me with closed eyes. The grand concert halls that orchestral music is typically performed in are another bonus to me. It adds a uniqueness to the whole experience. I have included a picture below of the hall where I attended the concert. (Also decided to include a picture with my friend Molly Wilkins who I ran into that evening).

Attending the symphony is the main reason I decided to write about music. When I started this blog more than a year ago music was one of the subjects I knew I wanted to write about. And after realizing this weekend that I had not written that post yet, I knew it was time.

The Grand Opera House

In the interest of not making this post extremely long, I’ll end it here. But, as with books, I’m always interested in talking about music. Thanks for reading!

Molly & me

5 thoughts on “Music

  1. Next time you want to close your eyes during the music, I’d say go right ahead. I’m very glad you get the stories from classical music even though you don’t play it. Right on, Jim!!

  2. Thanks for reading, Ansley. I am going to start treating myself to concerts like this one more often. It was so enjoyable. I must need to revisit my comment settings. I want to make it easy for people to comment while trying to filter out the spam. I’ll check into that.

  3. My taste in music is equally as eclectic….too long to post! Curious, have you ever been to an opera?

      • Jim my opera singing days were over 30 years ago so I am not as familiar with current singers…and the operas I enjoy the most are the ones I performed in as a child. We will have this conversation one day :D!!

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