Pocket knives

My small collection of pocket knives are among my most prized possessions. I come by this interest naturally. My father, grandfather (who passed away when I was a child), and great uncle have all carried one in their pockets for years.

The W.R. Case & Sons knife company started right after the turn of the nineteenth century after several brothers, who had been manufacturing and selling knives separately, joined forces. The pocket knife was (and I would argue, still is) an indispensable tool for daily use. Opening boxes and letters, cutting strings, and many other tasks become much easier when you can reach in your pocket and produce a knife for these uses. Case knives are my favorite brand, mostly because it has always been my father’s favorite.

I own four Case knives as well as a few other brands. My collection also includes Swiss Army knives, Buck, Barlow, and Winchester knives. But more often than not, I am carrying a Case knife. I received my first one as a gift when I was nine years old, and hardly a day goes by that I don’t have one in my pocket. I am so used to carrying one that if I reach into my pocket and don’t feel one, I feel out of sorts- like I’m not quite prepared for what my day might bring.

In the event of a fire, my knives would probably be the first items I would attempt to save. Here are a few from my collection. (Note: the Case Eisenhower is the only knife that I never use. I have it as a display knife because I want to keep it in mint condition. Also, all of these knives are Case and are not my actual knives- only stock photos). I use all of the rest of my knives. The mini copperhead is the knife that I carry most often. The small pen knife is my dad’s preferred knife.

I would love to hear your stories about pocket knives. Do you carry a pocket knife? What brand(s) do you like and carry?

Case Eisenhower

Case Eisenhower

Case mini copperhead
Case mini copperhead

Case small pen knife
Case small pen knife

4 thoughts on “Pocket knives

  1. Jim, I received my first pocket knife as a gift for my ninth birthday and I’ve carried one ever since!
    I mostly carry a buck knife but I have become a fan of Boker knives in the past four or five years.

  2. Thanks for reading, Rob. This was a really fun post to write since I’ve been interested in pocket knives for so long. I’ve never owned a Boker knife. I don’t think my dad has either. But I am familiar with them since it is a well-known brand.

  3. One more thing I have learned about you….alas I do not have a pocketknife..perhaps because I am a woman….but as you have described it, it would prove to be an indespensible tool…

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