Third Person Perspective

This is a WordPress writing prompt idea. The challenge is to list at least six things that are unique, exciting, odd, etcetra. A few of these are things I’ve written or talked about on this blog. Feel free to ask or comment about anything that piques your interest, or you want to hear more about. I’ll probably add/take away from the list as I think of more interesting ideas. Here goes.

1) I am a published author.

2) I have Spina Bifida.

3) I am named after my father and grandfather.

4) A few of my closest friends have given me the nickname “Niles” because of my resemblance to David Hyde Pierce from “Fraser”.

5) Several of the students at the school where I work as a substitute call me Spiderman because of a resemblance to Tobey Maguire.

6) I am the only person in my immediate family who can grow a beard. My dad wore a mustache for a long time, though.



4 thoughts on “Third Person Perspective

    • Thanks, Tosha. Some of these daily prompt ideas are good ideas that I want to participate in. But finding things that people don’t already know about me is a challenge sometimes.

    • Thanks, Alice! I should have said I am published on a very small scale. I had a few papers published in a journal of student writing while I was at Mercer studying Sociology and History.

      My goal is to be published on a national scale one day. I love to write more than just about anything else.

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