Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

This was the introductory question for the latest Daily Prompt from WordPress. I have benefited from these prompts, turning several of them into posts. This is another one that I enjoyed. The introspective side of me can’t keep from a little self-reflection from time to time.

My answer is a bit of a convoluted one. I have developed pretty good people skills, I think. But I also require lots of time for reflection. Activities that are enjoyed alone, such as reading, writing, and listening to music, are the things I enjoy most. In social situations, I can usually be found talking to one or two people in the corner of the room.

I found a website with a personality questionaire and filled it out today. I think the results are right on the mark for me. I would be interested  to hear if those who know me best agree. And I would also be interested to hear your results from the test.

Here is the page for the INFP personality.

And here is the page to take the quiz.




10 thoughts on “INFP

  1. From what I know of you, that description is you. That was fun to read. It will help to understand other people better. I’m glad you posted this. I wish more people understood INFPs (and INFJs). 🙂

  2. I am an introvert who has learned to become more extroverted. I don’t particularly care for crowds or loud noises so a big party? I will pass. I am curious about the personality test…will have to take the quiz!

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