Dragon Tales


I’ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty award by my friend, Tosha Michelle. She writes beautiful poetry, has a fantastic sense of humor, a wonderful singing voice, and a huge heart. You should check out her blog here.

According to the rules of the award, I’m supposed to write seven interesting things about myself. Here goes:

1) I’ve loved to read since I learned to at a very young age. But I discovered a love of writing when I was eleven years old, and the school curriculum focused heavily on writing. The more I wrote, the more I loved it. And I never stopped. I’d love to be able to do it for a living.

2) Most people see me at my most outgoing. So people are usually surprised to hear me say that I am an introvert. I attribute that to learning good people skills. I can be friendly with almost anyone. And I’m not shy. But very few people really know me well.

3) I’ve been interested in Astronomy for a long time. If I understood math and science better, I probably would have pursued a career as an astronaut or astrophysisist. But Physics got in the way, as I understood just enough to get through my Astronomy classes in college.

4) I come from a very musical family. Lots of my family members can sing and/or play an instrument, such as my Mom and brother.  But I only have a basic understanding of piano, guitar, and percussion. And I wouldn’t subject you to my singing voice on purpose.

5) While the rest of my family has brown hair and blue eyes, I have hazel eyes and reddish/blonde hair. So I always felt like I stood out growing up. Speaking of hair, a lady who cut my hair a couple of times when I was a teenager told me that she wished she could bottle my hair color, because I used to have natural highlights.

6) Despite being quiet and reserved in crowds, I enjoy public speaking. One day, I’d like to find a part in a community theatre play to audition for. It might go terribly, but at least I could say I tried.

7) Ever since my first visit to the Great Smoky Mountains, I’ve dreamed of living in a log cabin in the mountains one day.

11 thoughts on “Dragon Tales

  1. You should audition for a play that would be cool. I would come watch you. I hope you get that log cabin in the mountains. Enjoyed reading this very much. Lots of love

  2. Hi, Niles! I’m reading up on you, getting to know you better before we talk tomorrow (you do La Literati with Tosha, right?). I can certainly understand where you’re coming from re: that math/science stuff getting in the way of a potential career in Astronomy. Like you, I wanted to study a science, Meteorology, but the darn advanced math and science, in particular, physics, really through me off-course. I realized I’d probably have to go deeper into math and science and so I gave up my dreams of Meteorology. Oh, well! 🙂 I’m pretty reserved, too, but unlike you I can’t say that I’m comfortable doing public speaking (even though I had to teach a darn class in the subject several years ago!). Well, looking forward to getting to know you better tomorrow. Deb

  3. Congratulations on your nomination Niles!! As a fellow introvert I get where you’re coming from on how you can appear outgoing at times. I like to call myself a closet extrovert but given the right circumstances I’m a total wallflower. Enjoyable read.

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