Simple Pleasures

I enjoy my share of nice things: clothes, fragrances, high end wetshaving products, are a few examples. But I derive just as much, if not more, enjoyment from simple things. I thought it would be a fun idea to talk about a few of my favorite simple pleasures. These are by no means original, just the first things that came to mind.

A book- anybody who knows me knows I love to read. Books hold so much opportunity to learn and feel and experience something new through the words of the author.

A walk- I have to get outside, if only for a few moments, every day. Sometimes, because of allergies or weather, I can only stay for a very short time. But it’s worth it to get out into nature for a bit. It always helps to clear my head (figuratively speaking).

A smile- People look better wearing a smile. It’s a fact. And you can lift somebody else’s mood by doing it. So, just do it.

Sending/Receiving mail- Real mail. Pen and paper, envelope and a stamp. In this age of instant electronic communication, the fact that somebody takes the time to send something via the Post Office means even more.

“Unplugging”- It does me so much good to occasionally leave my computer and phone and be unavailable for a time.

Meeting people from all over the world- Even though technology annoys me in many ways, I do love how the internet connects people who would otherwise not have met. I would not have met several of my closest friends if not for this thing called the internet. (I know it’s a stretch to include this in a “simple” pleasures list. But this is my list 🙂 )

A hug- a gift you can give and receive that the same time. And it has the power to help both people feel better. What’s not to love?

Hearing a loved one say “I love you”- Oh, the power of these words. Hearing them instantly makes me happy; improves a bad day or a bad mood. I resolve to say them more.


Any thoughts about my list?

What would be on yours?

11 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Very true, dear James. I want to try to acknowledge and enjoy the simple things much more in the future. I tend to focus on the negative, which drains my energy all the time. I’ll take your list to heart.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Birgit (and for “liking” this post). I am still learning to focus more on positive things. It definitely requires a conscious decision to do so. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. One from my list: the simple power of words. The best words come with the truest feeling in an honest person. Your list made me smile the whole way through.

    • Thanks, Ansley. The power of words- that’s fantastic and could have very easily fit on my list. Another item not on the list is music. Listening to a favorite song is one of the best things for my soul.

  3. I don’t just “like” this post (just learned how to use the “like” button 😀 !!) I absolutely LOVE it!!! and btw, I always try to smile at strangers…even if they think me odd…sometimes I get a smile in return!!

    • A smile just makes you feel better, doesn’t it? Thank you very much for reading, commenting, and “liking” these posts, Brie. Your reading and constant encouragement is so wonderful and appreciated.

      • Just had to come back to this one and read it again…hearing someone you care about deeply say “I love you” is indeed very powerful…a sure way to warm someone’s heart…..(especially little old mine :D!!)

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