Everyday Beauty

Inspired by my friend, Birgit’s occasonal posts on this subject here are a few examples of hidden beauty I have captured.

Something about this pine cone caught my attention and I like the way this picture turned out.


I almost left this picture out because it’s out of focus. But the rose is too pretty not to share.


I walked outside one morning to get the newspaper and glanced up at the sky. This is what I saw and though it was really pretty.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I have. As always, I welcome any comments/feedback.

Simple Pleasures

I enjoy my share of nice things: clothes, fragrances, high end wetshaving products, are a few examples. But I derive just as much, if not more, enjoyment from simple things. I thought it would be a fun idea to talk about a few of my favorite simple pleasures. These are by no means original, just the first things that came to mind.

A book- anybody who knows me knows I love to read. Books hold so much opportunity to learn and feel and experience something new through the words of the author.

A walk- I have to get outside, if only for a few moments, every day. Sometimes, because of allergies or weather, I can only stay for a very short time. But it’s worth it to get out into nature for a bit. It always helps to clear my head (figuratively speaking).

A smile- People look better wearing a smile. It’s a fact. And you can lift somebody else’s mood by doing it. So, just do it.

Sending/Receiving mail- Real mail. Pen and paper, envelope and a stamp. In this age of instant electronic communication, the fact that somebody takes the time to send something via the Post Office means even more.

“Unplugging”- It does me so much good to occasionally leave my computer and phone and be unavailable for a time.

Meeting people from all over the world- Even though technology annoys me in many ways, I do love how the internet connects people who would otherwise not have met. I would not have met several of my closest friends if not for this thing called the internet. (I know it’s a stretch to include this in a “simple” pleasures list. But this is my list 🙂 )

A hug- a gift you can give and receive that the same time. And it has the power to help both people feel better. What’s not to love?

Hearing a loved one say “I love you”- Oh, the power of these words. Hearing them instantly makes me happy; improves a bad day or a bad mood. I resolve to say them more.


Any thoughts about my list?

What would be on yours?